Girls Got Guns offers classes in various levels of instruction for your firearms activities and certifications. For whatever reason you choose to own a gun, it is very important that you not only learn how to safely and properly shoot, but also extremely pertinent that you shoot on a regular basis to increase muscle memory, improve your skill set and instill confidence.

We are your starting point to safe and responsible gun ownership in a no judgement zone. 

Concealed Weapons and Firearms License  Permit
Basics of Pistol Shooting
Private Instruction

This class meets the requirements to apply for your State of Florida CWFL ( Concealed Weapons & Firearms License).

Covered topics include: Basic firearm safety, fundamentals, loading/unloading, malfunctions, on range qualification,  individual legal responsibility and FL law requirements.   Class maximum: 6 people. Class length: four hours. Cost: $100.

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   CWFL class 

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You have your Concealed Weapons permit, now what?

This course is for the new shooter or if you are looking to brush up on your skills you have't used in a while. This begins your journey into firearms where you will learn gun and range safety, the fundamentals of pistol shooting, loading and unloading different types of firearms, maintenance, shooting positions and much more. The student must demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for the safe and proficient use of a pistol, and pass the written exam and shooting qualification to receive their certificate. A great foundation to become a safe and responsible gun owner. Also a great class the whole family can enjoy together! This class will give you an NRA certification that can be used to apply for your FL CWFL. Class length: 8 hours. Class maximum: 6 people. Cost: $150

Personal one on one instruction can be catered to your specific needs; whether you want to improve your accuracy or speed or learn to draw from a holster I can  give the armed citizen a better foundation for the mindset, tips and techniques to carry comfortably everyday. We will cover safe gun handling, as well as make sure you have the best set up for your everyday carry, including gear, holsters, attire and holster placement. You will learn about situational awareness and threat assessment as well as how to draw from concealment and engage.  Perfect for someone not ready for a group class or an audience! Please contact me directly to schedule a private lesson. Offerings include pistol, rifle and shotgun. Children always welcome!  Private lessons are $50/hour.